Jay Z Reveals His Opinion on President Trump

Jay Z shares his perspective on the state of the United States.

The father of three was asked during a sit-down questions & answer with TIDAL’s Rap Rader podcast, to describe what it’s like bringing up a young black family in the United States in 2017.


In response to the question, Jay Z decided to address President Donald Trump. I guess he couldn’t help it.

“I believe that everything that happens in life is for your greatest good. I don’t think this is happening if we weren’t prepared to handle it,” he shared. “I’m just actually looking forward to what’s next after that. Usually, when things are darkest, then light is on its way. I’m not fearful. I believe that we’re resilient, especially us, as black people, especially the culture, we’ve been through so much more than this guy.”

Jay Z continued, “This guy, I’m looking at him like, man, this is a joke. With all…I can’t even say with all due respect. With all disrespect.”

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The rap legend says he doesn’t think he was “politically astute ever.” Instead, he just “cares about people.”

“[Trump] is not a very sophisticated man especially when it comes to the ideas of until everyone’s free, no one is free. Period. That’s just a fact,” Jay Z explained. “We are all linked in some kind of way. So if you oppress certain people, everyone’s in danger.”

There’s no doubt that the political climate today has greatly inspired Jay Z in his new music and already gave him ideas for future projects.

“At some point, when it hits me,” he shared. “It has to be a thing. I’m not just sitting on there talking about nothing.”

Jay Z isn’t sure about him returning to twitter; a platform Donald Trump frequently uses.

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