Anna Phosa, A South African, Started Her Multi-million Dollar Pig Farm With Only $100 in Hand

It’s amazing how Anna Phosa turned her pig farm that she started with only a $100 into a multi-billion dollar business within four years.

Anna Phosa had only a $100 in hand when she started her pig farm venture in 2004 in Soweto. What did she do with the $100? She bought four pigs with. Why pig farming? It was a close friend who introduced her. That brings us to the quality of our contacts. How quality is your friends circle?

So she was focused and dedicated to these four pigs and a little less than four years later, in 2008, Anna Phosa got her first major break. She was contracted by Pick ‘n Pay, a south African supermarket and retail giant to supply 10 pigs per week to her stores. Not so long later, the request grew to 20 pigs per week.


The Million Dollar Deal

She may not have studied business but she sure knows how to deliver on her business promises. If not, what will make the same Pick ‘n Pay to sign a breathtaking contract with her, to supply 100 pigs over the next five years under a 25 million Rand deal? 25 million Rand as at the time of the deal in 2010 was nearly 2.5 million US Dollars.

Although she didn’t have enough land and pigs, with a contract in hand, Anna Phosa was able to receive funding from ABSA Bank and USAID. And she got a 350-hectare farm property with the funds.

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Before and Now

Anna Phosa, in 2004, started with 4 pigs and probably herself alone. But today, she employs more than 20 staffs and rears about 4,000 pigs at a time. This was the same person who was patient enough to take care of four pigs. Imagine the daily routine and watching them grow before you can sell. But she persevered. Now, she’s a millionaire!

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