To Be Successful; It Mustn’t Be All About Your Passion

I have heard a lot of motivational speakers talking about following your passion. And I have also heard a lot of personalities in the entertainment industry talk about following your passion. While I see nothing wrong with following one’s passion, but I believe it’s been blown out of proportion. In this article I am going to show you how. So first, we’ll start by defining passion.


What is Passion?

It is simply what you love doing. Even if you don’t get paid, it’s expected you will still do it because you love it.

This is why most motivational speakers advise you to build your career around your passion. So even when things are rough and tough at the beginning, your natural love for what you do would keep you and prevent you from giving up till you start breaking even.

While it sounds like a good advice, the need for hard-work and determination should be seriously emphasized for the following reasons/facts:

You can’t Love Everything about Your Career

Every aspect of your career can’t be sweet to you. If your passion is acting, every aspect of acting can’t be sweet to you. While you love to act and appear on television, you may not like the several months you would have to spend away from home/family. If you love blogging/writing, you may not like the aspect of going through an SEO class in order to make your blog rank high on search engines.

The question is: if you rely solely on passion, how do you cross the other bridges that has nothing to do with passion? So many people have jumped from one career to the other without having success in any. This is because the only thing they had was passion. Passion is not enough.

Passion is not enough

The place of hard-work and determination cannot be substituted for anything. There are many successful bloggers who are blogging in niches they aren’t really passionate about. But that doesn’t stop them from creating great contents. An actor don’t have to like all his characters, but he’ll need to act all professionally. If you were a newscaster, you can’t be passionate about all the categories; but you will need to still do a very good job at all.

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The Way Forward: Sometimes those jobs you are not passionate about would pay the recurrent bills while buying you enough time to build on what you’re passionate about. I do believe being passionate should not be so rigid. If your dream is to live the elite lifestyle, and you found a business/job that has the potential of making you such income, why not work hard at it? As soon as the money starts rolling in, make it one of your passions. I also do believe we can have as many passions as we want.

Tell me your own take. I want to hear and learn from you too. Please comment below!

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