Dreams Without Obstacles is Not Dream

If You Have Dream Without Problems, Then You Don’t Really Have a Dream

– John Mason

Since the year 2000, I’ve always dreamed to be a star. I’ve always wanted to be a famous singer. I want to express myself through music and as well use my influence to make life more worth living for the people who are suffering to the extent that they can’t afford common clean water. I’ve also dreamed to work with Michael Jackson-the king of Pop. Nine (9) years later he died when I’ve not even been ten thousand miles close to him. I felt really bad but still have to move on with the struggle of making my dreams come true.

It got to a time, it seemed as though nothing is working for me but I was made to understand that it is not the first straw that usually breaks the camel’s back but the last one. So I believe I’ve not used the last straw and as long as I keep fighting, I’ll get there.

I remembered when I published my first book – “love text massages and great quotes”, I never knew publishing could be that tasking. I went through a lot. Suddenly all the little things became the biggest obstacles, that point I felt like its not my destiny to become a published author but somehow I pushed on and after some years I was able to publish for the first time at the age of twenty (20) years old.

Still on Rules of Greatness…

For a dream to be a dream there must be problems. The road can’t just be smooth. No! It must be rough. The rougher it is, the bigger the dream. Just like the greater the storm, the greater the reward.

Think about the dangers of climbing Mount Everest, the tallest maintain in the world. Think about the kind of hardship one is likely to go through just to get to the top of the mountain and tell me that the reward would not also be as great as how hard it was to get to its top. The measure of the reward is determined by how tasking it would be to get there.

Mount Everest was the highest mountain. It’s more than 29,000 ft above sea level. Edward Hillary was the first man, to climb Mount Everest on May 29, 1952. One important thing to learn here is that Edward Hillary wasn’t afraid of the height of Mount Everest. Even after he made an attempt in 1952 but failed, that only made him stronger in his skills and eventually the following year he made it to the top. As a result of his conquest, he was knighted for his effort with so many other benefits such as the recognition. Whether we like it or not, he has stamped his name in the book of world history.

Edward Hillary, I am sure wasn’t the first to climb a mountain top nor the first to even make an attempt but he got more recognition for his effort because his dream was bigger, the storm was much more higher and so likewise it’s reward.

Still on the rules of greatness, A dream can’t be normal: if it’s normal, then it isn’t a dream. A dream has to be something extra ordinary; I mean something abnormal so to speak at that current stage until you make it normal by achieving it. Let it be something that when people hear it, they will say “no it’s not possible”. The truth is everything that we enjoy today are as the result of someone else’ dream. Before they existed, they were first being thought to be impossible but the great minds decided to make the impossible possible.

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Look around you, every single thing was at some point impossible. Talk about the invention of the electric light by Thomas Edison, a German in 1881,

The evolution of motor car by Carl Benz a German in 1885,

The advent of the calculating machine by Charles Babage, an English man in 1855,

The invention of the television set by Hoan Logic Baild, a Scottish man in 1922,

The evolution of the airplane by Orville and Wright, an Americans in 1904,

The advent of the printing press by Johnann Gutenbery, a German in 1956,

The advent of the camera by William Fox Taibo, an English man in 1835,

The invention of so many other things that we make use of today were some other person’s dream at a time

The question now is how can I conquer or what are the things I need to do in order to win? Below are two very important steps

  1. Your dreams must be extraordinary
  2. You must be brave.


Your Dream Must Be Extra-Ordinary 

You will agree with me that as at 1881 or before then, anything like the electric bulb was an abnormal dream to have or the airplane before 1904 was an abomination to think of.

Do you also agree with me that as at before the year 2008, a African-American president was impossible? But Halleluiah! Thank God now, it’s possible. It was somebody’s dream many years ago: the person also was assassinated many years ago but the dream lived on and finally came true in the year 2008 when Barrack Obama became the first African-American president. What is it in life that you want to become? How big is your dream? And what are people saying about your dream? If your dream is big, please enlarge it, make it bigger. If people say your dream is achievable, throw it away and construct another one. After then ask again and if they still say its achievable, throw it away also and construct another one. Continue to construct until they say it’s impossible. Then you can say: you have a dream. A dream is not butter and bread neither is it cereals. Usually a dream is accompanied with thorns. The greater the dream, the greater its thorns and you will have to conquer its thorns before getting there. So make sure your dream is big enough.


You Must Be Brave

If you study the lion so closely, you will find out that it is very brave-be like it. Be used to problems, be used to obstacles, be used to tribulation and you will surely succeed. You will succeed because Jesus Christ went through all this and He still succeeded. So you can see that it’s the price one has to pay for greatness. John Mason in his book: believe you can explained that:


“The breakfast of champions is not cereal; it’s obstacles and that the biggest successes are the people who solve the biggest problems”.


They were able to solve their problems because they were brave and they solved this by willing to die for their cause. So are you ready to die for your dream? Your answer to this question will determine whether you will lose or make it. If your answer is no, you will lose and if you answer is yes, you shall surely make it. Even if you die for it, you shall surely still make it in death. Martin Luther king made his dream come true in death. He’s still being remembered long after he’s dead and he is still going to be remembered until Jesus Christ comes again. Emulate his bravery and you’ll never regret it.

(An excerpt from the book: The 66 Rules of Greatness).

The 66 Rules of Greatness talks about 66 important rules of greatness and how to practically apply them. Greatness is achieved once rules of greatness are applied.

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