Don’t Chase the Paper, Chase the Dream

How would you know that you’re chasing the paper, not the dream? In the first place, why would anyone tell me to chase the dream, instead of the paper? Cause I got bills to pay. And these bills would be piling up whether I’m making paper or not.


My Personal Story: When I first saw this quote by Diddy, I didn’t like it. I was like oh… Diddy it’s easier for you to say now since you’re a millionaire. But my own spirit didn’t agree with me because I know deep down, he was saying the truth.

Times in my life when I chased the paper, instead of the dream I realized that I lost FOCUS. I was unfulfilled and became farther from achieving the dream. And then lost of focus leads to abandonment of the project (the dream). This is one of the most important reason for my many abandoned projects.



A dream is the full package. The reason for its being born is to serve humanity. An important attribute of a dream is selflessness. It’s mostly about what others (society) can benefit than what the dreamer would.

I started a digital marketing agency-Expression Hour and the dream is to help other businesses grow, by helping to develop marketing strategies tailored to their needs using the power of the internet in order to improve their visibility to their target audience and making more sales.

The moment the agency begins to focus more on making money, we’ll begin to fall. First, we won’t be able to deliver on our promises, thereby having dissatisfied clients, there won’t be good recommendations from our clients base and within a matter of time the agency would be no more.

Now, picture a scenario where we want to make money quite alright. But we focus on the dream that started the agency in the first place. That dream was to help other businesses grow. As long as we continue to chase that dream, our clients base would keep expanding, full of happy and satisfied people, recommending our services to all of their friends, which brings in more money (paper) to us.


QUOTE: “When you chase the dream, your reward is the full package. If you chase the paper, you may not even get the paper”. – E. Jay Ipheghe.

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