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About us. Jay Ipheghe’s Blog (JIB) was created for one sole purpose-To inspire the world. Of course we cannot inspire the world without inspiring you first because actually, you are the world.

Our various categories from ‘Tell Your Story, Inspiration, Lifestyle, and Elite News’ all aim at inspiring you, to bring out the best in you.

Tell Your Story. This category contains true life stories and yet inspirational.

Inspiration. This category is filled with inspiration from Jay Ipheghe teachings.

Lifestyle. You will get numerous recipes here; from food, to health & fitness tips e.t.c.

Elite news. News updates about your favorite celebrities and elites can be found here.

There are many ways one can be inspired but in JIB, we want to use story-telling to inspire you. It could be in form of write-ups, spoken words or videos, but we just want to inspire you.

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If only just half of the world knows and understand their calling, the world would be much better than it is. – E. Jay Ipheghe

about us

E. Jay Ipheghe is an inspirational writer and public speaker. He’s the author of “love text messages and great quotes“, “The 66 Rules of Greatness" and others.

The author vision is to inspire you into discovering yourself, your God-given potentials and how best to utilize them so as to live a fulfilling life.

He started as a song lyricist at the age of 12, first book at 17, B.Sc in Management, E. Jay loves enterprising youths.



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